Our Belief and Our Commitment

The Alliant Educational Foundation unequivocally believes that a just society is one in which all voices are valued and heard.

We stand against racism and hate in all of its forms.

We believe that diversity makes us stronger, equity is achievable only when we realize the unequal starting points for all of our citizens, and that meaningful inclusion of all races is necessary for our nation to fully embrace the very ideals upon which it was founded.

We are committed to the power of education and its ability to enable profound and meaningful personal and social change.

And we pledge to be a part of the change that is so vitally necessary to heal our nation’s deep divisions and to help create a world less burdened by its past and more embracing of a shared and equitable future.

We understand that our words need to be supported by actions, and to that end we commit:

• to identify and create educational experiences that demonstrate effectiveness at combating racist beliefs and attitudes, including an active partnership with Alliant International University and an immediate donation to the Black lives matter movement.

• to endorse policy-level initiatives that lead to systemic change in the structures and practices that support racism and their accompanying trauma, beginning with advocacy for the “8Can’tWait” campaign and its fundamental tenets.

• to encourage active voter participation in all elections to support our very democracy.


On June 19th, the foundation made a series of donations totaling $40,000 to some of the frontline change-maker organizations who are paving the way towards a more just future. These included Black Futures Lab, Color of Change, Equal Justice Initiative, and “8 Can’t Wait.”