Scholarship Created to Honor and Recognize Early CSPP-SD Leadership

There are times in the life of a developing institution when interludes of great achievement can occur as a result of key leaders and followers assembling at the same time and sharing a vision and a mission. The California School of Professional Psychology in San Diego had such a moment in the 1980’s when the academic leadership of Joanne Callan as Provost, Sydney Smith as Academic Dean, and Julian Meltzoff as Director of Research worked together with Steven Bucky in Professional Training and Michael Pittenger in Student Affairs and an outstanding core and adjunct faculty to form a center of excellence in doctoral education in clinical and organizational psychology that led to breakthroughs in curriculum/professional development, accreditation, student support, and applied research that have been widely duplicated in the professional school arena.

To honor and recognize the accomplishments of that leadership team on whose shoulders so many have stood in the ensuing years at the San Diego campus and across CSPP, we are establishing the Callan/Smith/Meltzoff Scholarship to be awarded annually to the CSPP-San Diego student who demonstrates exemplary performance in her/his scholarly pursuits.