June 2018 Brief News & Notes

Alliant Ed Foundation invests $1.74M in student success

By the end of this month, the foundation will have released just under $2M in student scholarship support. Spanning across all six California campuses and each school within Alliant, this total includes $1.5M in block-granting through Alliant International University and $240K in donor-directed scholarships benefiting more than 700 students in total. We’re proud to be investing in the next generation of psychologists and counselors, educators, lawyers, and business leaders!

Foundation completes its three-year roadmap

Talk about “strategic plans,” and many people’s eyes glaze over. But the foundation is truly proud of a new roadmap to our future! Developed from September through April, the board of directors met to discuss and approve the plan at their semi-annual retreat this spring. Touching on future programming, fundraising and marketing, and how best to build the long-term infrastructure of the foundation, we’re excited to share just where we’re going through 2020.

Faculty grants & contracts – we’re open for business!

After a brief hiatus, some brainstorming and tweaking, the foundation resumed its ability to act as fiscal agent for new faculty grants & contracts requiring a non-profit sponsor this spring. We’re now able to assist in receiving and reporting on grant funds, basic budget development, light editing and pre-proposal reviews, and even a little research. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more!

Welcoming new directors Janet Hurwich and Lynn Sharpe-Underwood

The first half of 2018 saw the addition of two new members to the governing board of the foundation: Dr. Janet Hurwich and Lynn Sharpe-Underwood. As community leaders, both have a great deal to offer the foundation and we look forward to their leadership.

On the horizon: the foundation’s mental health internship consortium

As a key part of our new plan for community impact, the foundation has begun work on developing an internship consortium aimed to mobilize Alliant students in the provision of mental health care to underserved communities. The initiative will start with the San Diego non-profit community and expand over time. Stay tuned for more details…

A statewide system

Just in time for graduation, the foundation’s CEO Valin Brown finished visiting all six of California’s Alliant campuses. The site visits are enormously helpful—both in sharing the vision of the foundation and learning more about what makes each campus so special.

The Callan-Smith-Meltzoff Scholarship Fund

Launched on November 1, 2017, the new Callan-Smith-Meltzoff Scholarship Fund has raised $73K to date and the first recipient of the scholarship will be announced later this summer. If you’d like to make a gift…or renew last year’s gift…please visit us at www.allianted.org/donate.

San Diego campus Student Center & catering

A quick reminder: the food & beverage and catering needs of the San Diego campus continue to be expertly met by Emjaye Inspired Culinary Art. When students, staff, and faculty choose Emjaye, they are also supporting the foundation as the caterer leases directly from the foundation in a win-win for the San Diego campus.