December 2019: Brief News & Notes

As the holidays unfold this month, the Alliant Educational Foundation (AEF) is proud to share this brief overview of some of our most important programs and initiatives this quarter.

CSPP-LA’s 50th Anniversary Celebration & Launch of the Stephanie Byers-Bell Scholarship Fund

On November 2nd, the CSPP-LA community came together to celebrate their milestone 50th anniversary at The Griffin Club LA. The event was chaired by AEF board member Dr. Connell Persico and included a free two-hour CE course entitled “Effects of Trauma in the Current Political Climate: Clinical Implications,” followed by a festive reception and opportunity for alumni and friends to reconnect.

The occasion also marked the public launch of the new Stephanie Byers-Bell Scholarship Fund designed to support students of color and/or those conducting research impacting underserved populations in the CSPP-Los Angeles program in the fields of gender equality, race and diversity. Anyone interested in making a gift to the new fund may do so by visiting

Scholarships for Students

Just this week, the foundation released $1,000,000 in support of Alliant International University student scholarships, benefiting hundreds of deserving students across all six California campuses for the current school year. The foundation also approved an additional $500,000 for 2020 and will continue to administer donor-restricted funds we hold through endowments and related funds.

New Innovation / Seed Grants

In addition to the seven initiatives currently being funded to better serve the Alliant and research communities through $55K in innovation/seed grant funding provided by AEF, we’ve just launched a new round of funding for 2020. Running from December 16th through February 28th, faculty and staff from any of the six California campuses can now propose new initiatives as part of our year-two continuation of the innovation/seed grant program. Learn more here!

Mental Health Consortium

Working closely with Alliant’s California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP), the foundation is building new bridges in support of children’s mental health. To date, we’ve identified 10 San Diego-based non-profit organizations who work with underserved infants, children, and young adults. By placing CSPP graduate students in clinical psychology at these agencies, we aim to bolster their ability to provide high-quality mental health support to some of the populations who most desperately need it. The foundation is also paying for clinical supervision by licensed psychologists to enable this new program to flourish.

With the 10 agencies actively in the student matching process at present, we’re now looking for well-qualified licensed clinical psychologists to serve as clinical supervisors for at least seven hours per week. If you are interested, please send us a note at

Alliant Makes A Difference Day Sponsorship

Each year, many of the Alliant campuses volunteer in the local community as part of “Alliant Makes a Difference Day,” an annual day of service. The foundation is proud to help underwrite a portion of these volunteer project costs. If your campus is not yet participating and would like to learn more, please get in touch!

At Year-End, Consider Donating Today

On December 3rd, the foundation participated in the worldwide “Giving Tuesday” event aimed at bolstering support for a wide variety of non-profit causes each year. This year, our appeal focuses on garnering support for the Mental Health Consortium and new Stephanie Byers-Bell Scholarship Fund summarized above. If you haven’t made a year-end gift, we hope you’ll consider doing so by visiting

Additionally, several donors have approached the foundation about making tax-deductible gifts through their required minimum distribution (RMD) from IRA retirement funds. For some donors this can offer a great way to support our impact while accruing tax benefits. You can learn more about whether this option is right for you by visiting here.

From all of us at the Alliant Ed Foundation, happy holidays and best wishes for a very happy and safe New Year!