Alliant Educational Foundation Creates New Scholarship Fund for Students of Color, Research for Underserved Populations

Additional $1.14M in Scholarships, Contributions Announced

In an effort to combat systemic racism, social/civil unrest and inequality, the Alliant Educational Foundation (AEF), a nonprofit organization supporting students attending Alliant International University (AIU) and other institutions of higher education, has launched the Stephanie Byers-Bell Scholarship Fund. When fully funded, this endowed scholarship will generate an annual scholarship of at least $4,000 for graduate students of color and/or those conducting research impacting underserved populations.

According to CEO Valin Brown, the scholarship is named after Stephanie Byers Bell – a long time Alliant International University employee and current director of campus and student services in Los Angeles – who has been a key player in the development of the university’s campuses as strongholds of multiculturalism and student support. 

“Given today’s polarized political climate along with increasing awareness of how race, gender and privilege are such critical issues, Alliant Educational Foundation is thrilled to announce the Stephanie Byers-Bell Scholarship,” Brown said. “We are focused on building an enduring scholarship that will enable Alliant’s best and brightest to conclude their doctoral work with less financial stress, while honoring a valuable long-time employee.”

This latest scholarship opportunity comes on the heels of several other AEF milestones, including:

  • $500,000 in scholarship funds granted to Alliant in December 2020
  • Another $500,000 approved for next December 2021 – half ($250,000) of this is allocated for three new scholarship funds focused on diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Approximately $100,000 in donor-restricted scholarships granted directly by AEF this spring
  • And a total of $40,000 in direct contributions to four of the national leadership organizations in racial justice (Equal Justice Initiative, Color of Change, 8 Can’t Wait and Black Futures Lab)

Since its launch in 2015, donations to AEF have helped more than 2,400 students across California pursue advanced professional practice degrees in a wide range of professions including psychology, law, education and business.