March 2021: Brief News & Notes

Our New Annual Report

Our most recent fiscal year was anything but normal—an all-but-true fact for our entire nation and the world for that matter. And yet a variety of impactful programs and accomplishments still took place: the launching of our strategic planning work, support for hundreds of students through scholarships, our second innovation/seed grant funding round, pivoting to help better support the delivery of services through telehealth in the midst of COVID, and many more.

We’re proud to share a snapshot of our work in our newest annual report and appreciate your interest in helping to make our communities the best they can possibly be.  Read more here…


Scholarships for Students

On March 1st, the Alliant Educational Foundation (AEF) launched its newest round of scholarship funding. This annual round of funding is made possible, in large part, by the generosity of more than 50 donor-restricted scholarship funds aimed at helping Alliant students across all six California campuses. A total of $100,000 in tuition assistance will be granted for the coming year, including our new Stephanie Byers-Bell Scholarship Fund for Los Angeles students and Callan-Smith-Meltzoff Scholarship Fund for San Diego students. Student applications are due by April 15th.

AEF also approved an additional $500,000 in scholarship support in collaboration with the Alliant International University system, with $250,000 earmarked for a new set of diversity, equity, and inclusion scholarships for 2021 – 2022.


Mental Health Consortium

Working closely with Alliant’s California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP), the foundation continues to build new bridges in support of children’s mental health. To date, we’ve identified ten San Diego-based non-profit organizations who work with underserved infants, children, and young adults.

By placing CSPP clinical psychology graduate students at some of these agencies, we’re bolstering their ability to provide high-quality mental health support to some of the populations who most desperately need it. The foundation is paying for clinical supervision by licensed psychologists to enable this new program to flourish.

In recognition of Dr. Jeff Tirengel’s tremendous leadership and support to both the foundation and CSPP, the new “Dr. Jeffrey Tirengel Memorial Stipend for Community Mental Health” was launched this winter. Students participating in the Mental Health Consortium are now eligible for a modest monthly stipend to support their work with underserved children and youth.



Strategic Planning

The foundation board and staff have just about completed their work to build a proactive vision for the next three years.  A new three-year strategic plan will be approved in April and outlines a renewed vision, mission, and core values for the foundation along with articulating new and expanded programs for the future.